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Procedure of Legal Transfer of Ownership Title of Property

The title of a property depicts the ownership rights of a person. When there is a transfer of property from the original owner to another person, the ownership changes and therefore, the title of the property needs to be changed. The new owner’s name needs to be substituted for the previous owner in the records […]

Everything You Need To Know About Rent / Lease Agreements

As home ownership may sometimes be unaffordable or inconvenient, a majority of the population in India’s major cities live in rented homes. The follow-up task is to then find a suitable rental property and create and execute a proper rent agreement to make the renting arrangement legal. As the rent agreement remains key to this […]

Sale Deed and its Registration – Step by Step Process

Sale deed is a legal document evidencing that the sale is complete. It contains details of the buyer, seller, area, location of the property, and consideration details. The sale deed has to be registered with the sub-registrar under whose jurisdiction the property situates but before registration make sure that full consideration is paid. Only registered […]

PROBATE OF WILL – All you need to know!

Introduction WILL has been defined under section 2(h) of the Indian Succession Act, 1925, as “Legal declaration of the intention of a person with respect to his property, which he desires to take effect after his death”. In other words, a WILL is a legal instrument vide which a person disposes off his property to […]

Easy to Understand: Probate of Will and Succession Certificate

Probate of Will and Succession Certificate, both granted by the competent Courts, are of absolute necessity and recommended, especially in the scenario when a deceased person’s estate needs to be distributed by way of Will or by way of Natural Succession. Probate is granted when the deceased person has left a Will. However, the Succession […]

Debt Recovery in India: The Legal Framework

When debt cannot be recovered, it turns into bad debt. Normally, in “Debt Collection” the creditor tries to recover consumer credit and loans/ receivables that have not been paid back and in “Debt Recovery” the creditor hires a third party to recover such debt/ receivables when it goes unpaid for a substantially longer time period. Many times there is a security given by […]

Guide on Procedure before Sub-Registrar Office for registration of property documents

Process Flow diagram for Property Deed Registrar in e-Sub Registrar Offices in Delhi STEPS FOR REGISTRATION 1. Please get your e-stamp paper of correct value prepared by visiting the nearest Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd.(SHCIL) centre or their Authorised Collection Centre(ACC). The address of nearest SHCIL/ACCs can be checked on the website www.shcilestamp.com . […]

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Need of the Hour

Did you ever think that in the global 21st century, there would be a time when the whole world would have to fight a war with a tiny virus that hostages the entire universe? Hope you are staying safe and protected! Whether this war ringing Corona virus persists for a few weeks or holds us under threat […]