Business Assist

Legal Assist is India’s first and only experts and professionals based Receivables and Debt Collection and Recovery Specialist that offers complete cycle of business management with proactive legal actions, covering every stage of the recovery and collection cycle, integrating collection, analytics and legal action for debt collection ranging from Alternate Dispute Resolution methods of amicable settlement comprising of Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation, etc. to Civil and Criminal Litigation and Arbitration. We provide Receivables and Debt collection and recovery aid to all types of Indian and Foreign individuals, corporates and companies having delinquent accounts in India and across the Globe, no matter where the debtor is located across the Globe. Our experts and professionals provide a quick, focused and workable solutions to our client with high success rate while maintaining strong and amicable relationship with their clients/ debtors. Each client case is handled by a dedicated team right from the beginning to the end by using creative, practical and business oriented approaches in handling clients delinquent account with highest quality of professional services. We at Legal Assist take pride in building strategic long term collaborative partner relationship than vendor.

Legal Assist Team offers complete cycle of “Global Commercial Receivables and Debt Management” in India to all sectors from Manufacturing to Distribution to Retail and Services Sector. Our team lays its footprints in Manufacturing, Business, Trade, Telecommunication, Banks, Insurance companies, Financial Services Companies, Health Sectors, Information and Technology, BPO, Financial, Real-Estate, Software, Marketing, Distribution, Licensing, Agency and others. We cover all types of Individuals and Business entities like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Private Limited Company.

Our Services include

Pre-due Date Collection/ Recovery of Receivables

We aim at identifying customers of clients likely to become delinquent and take pre-hand target action to achieve and recover the receivables of our client. We also provide services to our clients for pre-due date collections of their receivables from all of its customers.

Post-due Date Collection/ Recovery of Receivables

We work as an extension of your credit department in order to enhance your collection and recovery process of your receivables/ debts including and not limited to delinquent or bad debts, and to achieve or recover the highest possible return. We, by way of both amicable settlement approach and legal approach, effectively handle accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency – from a few days to many months across the globe.