Business Assist

Post-due Date Collection/ Recovery of Receivables/ Debt

LEGAL ASSIST Team works as an extension of your credit department in order to enhance your collection and recovery process of your debts and receivables including and not limited to delinquent or bad debts, and to achieve or recover the highest possible return. We have Collection/ Recovery specialists who are experts and professionals having vast skills and in-depth knowledge and experience of the financial and legal aspects of collection and recovery of receivables and debts. We effectively handle accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency – from a few days to many months across the globe.

Under this stage, we assign the post-due date receivables and the delinquent accounts to our recovery specialists, who begin their efforts with Friendly Approach i.e. Amicable Settlement Approach comprising of Negotiations and Mediations and gradually shifting its approach from Friendly to Legal i.e. Pre-Litigation and Litigation, depending on the response and conduct of the defaulting debtors, with prior consultation with our client. . The aim is to create a tough and hard environment for the defaulter that he/ she is forced to clear the liability towards the client either to the extent of any amicable settlement or otherwise in full and final.

Legal Assist services for Amicable Settlement Approach

  • Consistent follow-up to remind softly via Telephonic Call, Emails, Letters and Field Visits with customers of clients including intimation to come forward for any genuine settlement proposal by way of negotiation or mediation.
  • Minor Accounts Reconciliation

Legal Assist services for Legal Approach

Pre-Litigation Approach

  • Consultation and Advice
  • Legal Notice and Rejoinders
  • Drafting of Complaints to various Authorities
  • Lok Adalat For Amicable Settlement Of Claim
  • Mediation Under Commercial Cases

Litigation Approach

  • Consultation
  • Filing of civil and criminal legal proceedings for recovery
  • Filing of complaints for dishonour of cheques
  • Filing of Petitions for Winding up of companies
  • Filing of Applications under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code
  • Filing Of Claims Before Resolution Professionals
  • References to Arbitrators and Conducting of Arbitral proceedings
  • Filing of Applications for enforcement of Securities under SARFESI
  • Execution of Awards and Decrees
  • All other Legal Remedies as per the need of the case
  • Inclusive of all procedures from beginning till final disposal


  • Submission of all relevant documents in respect of the claim
  • Briefing on all aspects
  • Advice in respect of legal proceedings
  • Filing of legal proceedings
  • Representing in legal proceedings
  • Taking all procedural steps
  • Pursuing legal proceedings till final disposal
  • Getting the award/ decree executed

Why Legal Assist?

  • In-house exceptionally experienced lawyers in management and recovery of debts
  • In depth understanding of the Business and Commercial Industry
  • Presence in all districts courts, High Courts, Tribunals across the country and the Supreme Court
  • Strategic network with leading Law firms across the country, in almost all the cities in India
  • Focus on ADR before litigation
  • Focus on client requirements/ satisfaction and providing best possible results.
  • Focus on advising cost effective solution and avoiding unnecessary filings