Business Assist

Pre-due Date Collection/ Recovery of Receivables

We aim at identifying customers of clients likely to become delinquent and take pre-hand target action to achieve and recover the receivables of our client. We also provide services to our clients for pre-due date collections of their receivables from all of its customers.

“Prevention is better than cure”, is what the Legal Assist team believes in its working towards their clients with all Delinquent Prevention strategy, helping them beforehand to not let their receivables/ debts become delinquent or bad or difficult to recover the same. Though, with almost all businesses and individuals, the collection process of receivables has been focused on waiting till due date of payment and then reacting, however, the changing hard coming modalities and environment in the society and the industries have led them to adopt the preventive approach and play defensive and actively, aiming at pre-due date collections activity to try and reduce the cases of post due-date or delinquent debt recovery solutions.

Under this stage, we undertake two differential steps- (1) we consistently research, analyse, identify and sort out customers of clients likely to become delinquent or bad or failure and take pre-hand target actions; and (2) we consistently follow up with all the customers of clients to remind them softly and encouraging them for timely payment on or before due date while maintaining best relationship with the customers. The aim is to reduce the receivables to become significantly delinquent or bad. A dedicated team of experts who are trained in collections and maintaining accounts alongwith forming best customer relationship.

Legal Assist Services for First Step

  • Research, Analysis, Verification & Identification of clients likely to become delinquent or bad
  • Follow-ups by various modes & Recovery before due-date of payment


  • Client transfers all the receivable to us
  • Carry out address Verification/ Field Verification
  • Carry out business License/Registration Verification
  • Evaluation of Financial Statements available in Public Domain
  • Trade Reference Checking
  • Personal Reference Checking
  • Review of Data available in Public Domain
  • Net Search
  • After identification, we consistently undertake follow-up to remind softly via Telephonic Call, Emails, Letters, and Field Visits with customers for Collection, settling their Queries and disputes, Reconciliation, and recovering the receivables.

Legal Assist Services for Second Step

  • Consistent follow-up to remind softly via Telephonic Call, Emails, Letters and Field Visits with customers for Collection of receivables before the due date.
  • Settling Queries of Customers
  • Help Desk.
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Reconciliation
  • Recovering the receivables


  • Management of potential high risk
  • Significant Reduction of Bad Debts
  • Encouraging Payments / Timely payment
  • Improved Cash Inflow and Profits
  • Better relations with Customers
  • Low cost of Collection
  • Better Regulatory Compliances


  • Client transfer all the receivable to us
  • Carry out Legal Assist services

Why Legal Assist?

  • Dedicated teams of research, collection and recovery specialists
  • Work exclusively on portfolio of client
  • Customized attention to multi claims
  • Work as per the standards set forth with client.
  • Focus on client requirements and providing best possible results.
  • Focus on advising cost effective solution and avoiding unnecessary risks.