Inheritance Assist

Death is an uncertainty which leaves behind only a distressed family with helpless surviving members. Upon the death of a family member, for the grieving family, apart from the emotional setback and trauma, financial insecurity comes majorly in their way, especially when the deceased was the major bread-earner of the family. Elderly’s work tirelessly pursuing their respective profession, business etc. with an aim to build financial security by creating a corpus of investments for the family’s future need and in case of sudden unforeseen mis-happenings. Upon death, comes the stage of appropriate guidance and assistance to initiate the process of smooth transfer, inheritance, succession and transition of all assets and legacy of the deceased person to the rightful person of the family either as per law of inheritance and succession or as per the wishes and intent of the deceased person. The bereaved family is ill prepared and grapples with legal compliances while navigating through the procedural way of inheritance. This path poses fresh challenges when the family and close to kin are unable to provide pertinent details/ documents relating to the movable and immovable assets, which are needed to ensure seamless transition in ownership change in favour of legitimate heirs. Legal Assist have gamut of experts who are differentially experienced in the field of real estate industry and have in-depth knowledge of prevailing inheritance laws and are providing client oriented seamless transition of assets and legacy upon the rightful person, when the loved ones are no more.

Our Services Include

Estate Planning

Life is uncertain and unpredictable. One may secure the future of his/her legal heirs by a proper Estate Planning and avoid one’s property going into wrong hands or become a subject matter of litigation/ dispute/ difference between them. Estate planning services offered by Legal Assist ensures the management of your estate during and beyond your lifetime and assists in planning your legacy to be passed on to your legal heirs.

Documentation and Registration

The proper estate planning, management and a wish of a person can be smoothly carried out and secured by a catena of instruments/documents, which are prepared and registered convincing the prevailing law, the client’s requirement, smooth transition and non-compromising over risk of future contingencies and disputes.

Succession Certificate

Succession Certificate is a document issued by the court under its seal, mandatory for claiming movable assets of the deceased by the successors of the deceased. It establishes the legitimacy of the legal heirs and provides them the right and authority to access the movable assets of the deceased.

Probate of Will

WILL is a testament by which a person reflects his/ her wish as to how his/ her assets be devolved upon after the death of the person. ‘Probate’ means the copy of a Will, certified under the seal of a court of competent jurisdiction, with a grant of administration to the estate of the testator. A probate of WILL establishes and authenticates the WILL finally.


If a person dies intestate, the estate of the deceased passes upon the legal heirs of the deceased in equal ratio. After the passing of legacy, the legal heirs may wish to separate the estate so received upon succession. In such circumstance, the estates are partitioned either by way of registration of Partition Deed or by way of filing the suit for partition in the competent court of law.

Settlement/ ADR/ Litigation

A person may die either intestate or after leaving behind a testamentary WILL. Nobody actually knows how the deceased managed the assets during his lifetime or how he actually wished his assets to devolve upon after his death. It is at this juncture, majority of issues and disputes and differences arise amongst the family members/ heirs of the decease with respect to the estate of the deceased. Legal Assist Experts offer a wide range of legal services in respect of all matters pertaining to inheritance/ succession, ranging from amicable settlements, ADR’s like Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation, etc.; to Litigation.