Inheritance Assist

Settlement/ ADR/ Litigation

The passing of legacy of a deceased upon his/ her heirs is governed by various laws in India such as Hindu Succession Act, Indian Succession Act, etc. A person may die either intestate or after leaving behind a testamentary WILL. Nobody actually knows how the deceased managed the assets during his lifetime or how he actually wished his assets to devolve upon after his death. It is at this juncture, majority of issues and disputes and differences arise amongst the family members/ heirs of the decease with respect to the estate of the deceased. There may be preparation of fake documents, fraudulent activities to usurp others rights, bad eye on the estate and money of the deceased, etc. etc. Legal Assist Experts offer a wide range of legal services in respect of all matters pertaining to inheritance/ succession, ranging from amicable settlements, ADR’s like Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation, etc.; to Litigation.

Legal Assist Services

  • Consultation
  • Advising the best Solution
  • Proceeding with Settlement/ ADR/ Litigation as advised
  • Looking after the entire proceedings till its conclusion


  • Understand the client’s requirements
  • Consultation with the help of Legal Assist Experts
  • Drafting of necessary case by the Legal Assist Experts
  • Filing and conducting the proceedings

Why Legal Assist?

  • Team of Qualified Lawyers with experience in Property & Inheritance Matters and in all Courts
  • In depth understanding of the Real Estate Industry
  • Focus on Settlement/ ADR before litigation
  • Focus on client requirements and providing best possible results.
  • Focus on advising cost effective solution and avoiding unnecessary filings