Inheritance Assist

Succession Certificate

The passing of legacy of a deceased upon his/ her heirs is governed by various laws in India such as Hindu Succession Act, Indian Succession Act, etc. If a person dies without leaving behind any testamentary WILL, the passing of legacy of deceased is termed as Intestate Succession. In such a case, if the deceased left behind any type of movable assets which maybe funds in bank accounts or investments in the form of equites, bonds, mutual funds, or any such financial investment in India, the same can be accessed by the legal heirs after obtaining the Succession Certificate from the relevant Court in India. Succession Certificate is a document issued by the court under its seal, mandatory for claiming movable assets of the deceased by the successors of the deceased. It establishes the legitimacy of the legal heirs and provides them the right and authority to access the movable assets of the deceased.

Legal Assist Services

  • Consultation
  • Drafting and Filing of Petition for Grant of Succession Certificate
  • Handling the entire proceedings
  • Receiving Court Fee on behalf of Client
  • Payment of Court Fees and Indemnity Bond
  • Receiving of Succession Certificate


  • Consultation with Legal Assist Experts
  • Drafting of Petition by the Legal Assist Experts
  • Filing of Petition before the Court where the deceased last resided
  • Publication in the newspaper as ordered by the Court
  • Report from the concerned SDM about the legal heirs
  • Issuance of notice to all the concerned beneficiaries
  • Recording of the statement of the beneficiaries
  • Conducting the final arguments for the grant of certificate
  • Applying for the Court Fees after order of the Court granting Certificate
  • Payment of Court Fees and Indemnity Bond with one surety in the Court
  • Receiving of Succession Certificate from the Court

Documents Required

  • Original Death Certificate of the deceased person(s)
  • Any other document in respect of the identity of deceased person(s), if available
  • Adhaar Card, PAN Card or any other identity document of all the heirs
  • 2 Passport Size Photograph of the person(s) filing the petition
  • Documents of Movable Assets in respect of which Certificate is sought

Why Legal Assist?

  • Team of Qualified Lawyers with experience in Inheritance Matters and in all Courts
  • In depth understanding of the laws of inheritance
  • Focus on client requirements and providing best possible results.
  • Focus on advising cost effective solution and avoiding unnecessary filings