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MSME’s Recovery of Receivables

The Government of India, in the light of provoking challenges being faced by the industries and businesses in the country’s fast developing economy, is making great efforts to promote the establishment and secure working of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by bringing in various rules and policies. One of the best effort is the coming of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Act (MSMED Act), 2006, which has led to the development of proper mechanism for recovery of delayed payments to Micro-Small Enterprises alongwith interest. As per the said Act, any Micro or Small Enterprise having valid Udyog Aadhar(UAM) can make a reference to the concerned Micro and Small Enterprise Facilitation Council for recovery of their payments alongwith interest. The said initiative taken by the government of India has enthralled a factor of progress and competition among the Micro-Small Enterprises and has given a great boom to the establishments of new MSME units. Legal Assist Team have experts and professionals having in-depth knowledge of MSME Industry, who are dedicated to provide such aid to the Micro-Small Enterprises in the most legal and result oriented manner.

Legal Assist Services

  • Consultation
  • Advising the Solution
  • Filing of reference with the concerned MSEFC
  • Proceeding and concluding the entire proceedings


  • Understand the client’s requirements and records
  • Consultation with Experts
  • Drafting of necessary case by the Experts
  • Filing and conducting the proceedings

Why Legal Assist?

  • Team of Qualified Lawyers with experience in all Courts
  • In depth understanding of the Industry
  • Focus on amicable settlement mechanism before it turns into case
  • Focus on client requirements and providing best possible results.
  • Focus on advising cost effective solution and avoiding unnecessary filings