NRI’s Assist

Title Search

Legal Assist offers the gamut of services related to search, identification, retrieval, analysis and review of all type of legal documents and public records related to any type of movable or immovable asset, self-acquired or inherited. NRI’s or Indian Expats do not have complete control or knowledge about their properties in India, which is further exacerbated by the fact that most of these records do not have any easy and convenient online retrieval system, but are mired in arcane and manual record keeping systems. Our dedicated professional provide an exhaustive and in-depth search of public records to determine and confirm a property’s latest legal ownership and exact status. It is imperative for NRI’s/ Indian Expats to have complete knowledge and control on the details about their properties located in India and the latest certified records of such properties, in order to let them manage their properties easily and to ensure that their properties are secure and there is no element of uncertainty with regards to the ownership of these properties.

Legal Assist Services

  • Search, identification, retrieval, analysis and review
  • Obtaining of certified copies of the latest title records
  • Physical verification of the immovable property and finding the on-ground status, photographs of the property
  • Exhaustive and comprehensive Report after complete analysis
  • Advice, consultation and solution on removing element of any uncertainty/ illegality/ impediments to ownership/ clear title or for recovering the rights, title and interest over the property.