Property Assist

The team of Legal Assist have experts and professionals with almost 50 years of dedicated experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of Property matters and investments, having provided solutions to the utmost tough and unusual issues with great swift, efforts and the client oriented best possible results. From the thought of investing in property, to the clearance of disputes if any and till the rendering of perfect and clear title of the invested property over the purchaser, the Legal Assist experts and professionals render the following solutions in this field to the individuals and businesses of India and around the globe, including the NRI’s.

Our Services include

Title Search/ Due Diligence

It is the process of examining all relevant records that have been carried out through a registered document to confirm that the seller is the legal owner of the property having full rights, title and interest to transfer the property and that there are no liens or other charges/claims outstanding.

Deed Writing and Documentation

Legal Assist provides a range of paralegal and legal services for drafting of all documents, if you are involved in purchasing, selling or leasing a property, either as an owner, occupier, investor or a developer.

Registration of Documents

Registration of Property Documents involves the recording of a duly executed document with the concerned Authority for completion of the transaction of a property.

Freehold Conversion

Freehold is a way to transfer the ownership from Government Authority to private persons, of certain properties which are allotted by the government authority to individuals on leasehold basis.

Mutation and Assessment of Municipal Tax

Mutation is the process of substitution in the place of the last owner, the name(s) of new owner, upon transfer of property on death of a person, sale, gift etc., in the records of the concerned authorities. Assessment of Municipal Tax is the process of assessing correct value of tax as per the relevant records and exact status of the property.

Certified Copies / Notary Services

Certified copy of a document is treated equivalent to the original document itself. If the original document is lost / misplaced / torn / mutilated etc., its certified copy will work as substitute for original document. Notarial services are provided by duly authorized Public notaries, which are in the network of the Legal Assist team.

ADR/ Litigation/ Arbitration

Legal Assist gamut of experiences professionals offer a wide range of services pan India to individuals, NRI’s, firms, corporates and companies, pertaining to civil and criminal disputes of property/ in real estate industry. The experts in our network provide a gamut of legal services including Alternate Dispute Resolution comprising of Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation, etc., Litigation and Arbitration.