Property Assist

Certified Copies / Notary Services

Certified copy of a document is treated equivalent to the original document itself. If the original document is lost / misplaced / torn / mutilated etc., its certified copy will work as substitute for original document. Notarial services are provided by duly authorized Public notaries, which are in the network of the Legal Assist team.


  • Due Diligence
  • Application with Authority
  • Document Search
  • Obtaining Certified Copies
  • Document notarization from public Notary


  • Submission of documents by the client (with details like Registration no., book no., volume no., page nos. and date of registration)
  • Application for Certified Copies by Experts
  • Completion and Delivery of the Certified Copies


  • Help locate the document and obtain the certified copy from the concerned authority.
  • If you have incomplete details of the document, we will help to trace the document and search for it from the concerned authority.