Property Assist

Title Search/Due Diligence

It is the process of examining all relevant records that have been carried out through a registered document to confirm that the seller is the legal owner of the property having full rights, title and interest to transfer the property and that there are no liens or other charges/claims outstanding.


  • Fee compliance
  • Document search
  • Preparation of report


  • Submission of the documents by the client (list of documents mentioned below)
  • Payment of the relevant Government Fees
  • Search the documents with the Sub-Registrar Office
  • Review by Legal Assist Experts for any defects such as Mortgage, Bank Loan, Legal Dispute, etc.
  • Preparation of Report by Legal Assist Experts
  • Completion and Delivery of the Report

Documents required

  • Details of the property and the present owner(s): Adhaar Card, Electricity / Water Bill etc.
  • Copies of the documents pertaining to the property under consideration such as Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, Lease deed etc.

Reasons to Get Title Search Report

  • Reveals Defects in the property
  • Assurance and confidence to the buyer if the Title Report is positive
  • Informed decision making for the buyer
  • Reduces the risk of future contingencies and disputes


A Search Report must be obtained before buying and investing in the new property so as to ensure that the Title of the Seller is clear and transferrable.

The title search process is generally completed within a week subject to availability of Documents in the concerned Sub-Registrar Office.