Procedure of Legal Transfer of Ownership Title of Property

The title of a property depicts the ownership rights of a person. When there is a transfer of property from the original owner to another person, the ownership changes and therefore, the title of the property needs to be changed. The new owner’s name needs to be substituted for the previous owner in the records of the government.

With the transfer of property, bundle of rights are also transferred. The new owner gets all the entitlements and benefits in respect of the property including the right to sell, mortgage, lien, gift, etc. Therefore, for ensuring valid and legal transfer, it is most necessary to adhere to various rules in law for the transfer of property title.

In India, the legal transfer of property title is surrounded by difficulties, requires proper legal document drafting, execution & registration and payment of requisite government duty to the concerned authorities.

Therefore, to avoid legal battles in the procedure to complete transfer of property title as per law, it is always advisable to take assistance of top property legal experts or top law firms’ services.

Ways of transfer of Property

There are several ways in which the Transfer of property takes place. It is vital to know first how a person acquires the title in order to decide the right way of transfer of property title. A property can be acquired/ obtained by a person in many ways, a few of which are:

  • Inheritance
  • Will
  • Gift
  • Sale deed
  • Any other kind of transfer


Inheritance means when the owner of a property dies, the property devolves upon all the legal heirs of the deceased by way of law of succession.

In such situations, it becomes necessary for the legal heirs upon whom the property devolves to apply to the concerned department/authority and get the property title transferred/ updated in their names in the records of the department. This is the legal transfer of property title.

Even when there are more than one legal heir who inherits the title, it is permissible under law for one or more legal heir to release/ relinquish/ give up their share inherited in the property in favour of all/ any other legal heir, wherein for the purpose of transfer of their property title, proper transfer deed need to be executed and registered and the name will then be accordingly updated in the records of the concerned department.


In cases, where the deceased dies leaving behind a WILL bequeathing a property in favour of the beneficiary named in the WILL, the ownership of the property devolves upon the beneficiary named in the WILL after the death of deceased. A WILL may be registered or unregistered under the law. However, it is advisable to get the WILL probated from the Court of law, which grants a certificate with respect to the genuineness of the WILL and grants more legality to the WILL and thereupon easier to get the title of the property transferred/ updated in the records of the concerned department/ authority.

Transfer Deed:

When the property is acquired by a person vide a transfer deed such as sale deed, gift deed, etc., the title of the property get transferred in the name of the person purchasing the property upon the registration of such transfer deed by payment of proper government duty/ fees. The deeds are registered in the office of Sub-Registrars.

Whenever there is a legal transfer of title of a property, it is necessary that the fact of change in ownership must be recorded in the public records.

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